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Alps and Beyond: private guided tours based on your selection of experiences

We will take you on extraordinary journeys, carefully designed and run without flaw



Choose the experiences and activities that most appeal to you and turn your vacation into and even more memorable journey.

We will create an exclusive and unique tour ad hoc for you, based on your selection of experiences or interest and your preferred destiantion. Or, we can incorporate one or more experiences into one of our existing classic tours.
Each one of the experiences and interests taps into a different aspect of the area you visit, providing a more in-depth understanding.
We will help you with your choices based on what is available at your travel destination, and may be best most suitable.
If you are looking for a particular activity or have a specific interest not listed below, do not hesitate to contact us and we will research it.

Hiking & Walking

These are the essentials of slow travel, our underlying philosophy. It implies one’s willingness to enjoy the journey, with no rush, to stop and look, to let natural beauty permeate the senses. We favour trails off the main tourist map, but we also include popular routes, if their highlights are not-to-be-missed.


Hiking by alpine lakes is an experience not-to-be-missed, with majestic mountains reflecting in their clear waters, and swooping glaciers almost reaching our fingertips.
Enjoy the journey walking through forests or fields of wildflowers.
Sparkling rivers and enchanting hamlets make for a picture-perfect environment during our walks and hikes.
We accommodate the degree of difficulty to your personal level of fitness.

Water Activities

Switzerland, its emerald and turquoise alpine lakes, Lake Lucerne, Lake Lugano, crystal-clear rivers.
Italy and the blue expanse of the Mediterranean Sea, the fascinating coastline, and the Italian Lakes.
Sit back and relax on a cruise on Lake Maggiore, on the largest, fresh water, sail-catamaran in Europe.


Explore Lake Como and Lake Lugano on private motorboats.
Challenge your balance on a stand-up paddleboard or kayak on one of the Italian Lakes, off the promontory of Portofino or along the Amalfi Coast.
Incorporate a day of easy canyoning or rafting in your multi-day vacation.
All the activities are suitable for adults and families with children alike.
Minimum age restrictions may apply.

Culture & Traditions

When visiting a foreign country, understanding the local people, their way of life, their customs and even their idiosyncrasies is an integral part of the journey. It means learning about the culture and traditions of those self-same people. All of our tours incorporate this important aspect in some form or another.


We visit artisans and sculptors in the Aosta Valley. In Switzerland, we witness the art of making cheese in an artisanal way. We learn the art of making watches or the process of wool spinning and dyeing. In Tuscany, we visit working stone mills producing corn meal and chestnut flour for the community. Often, it just comes down to spending some time listening to a local person and listening to his or her stories; to watch as he or she skilfully creates pottery work or weaves straw into exquisite hats, bags or other beautiful objects. Grape harvest or cheese festivals, special celebrations, traditional markets with products and artefacts, are just some other wonderful opportunities to interact with the local communities and learn about their way of life and long standing traditions.

History Art & Architecture

Italy, no doubt, steals the scene when it comes to history and art. Artistic and archaeological testimonies tell a complex story, from ancient to modern times.
Switzerland, however, is a very pleasant surprise, regarding important historical and artistic sites. Simply because they are not usually on the tourist radar.


Italy offers, archaeological sites spanning from the Etruscan period to Roman era, amazing paintings, testimonies of the superb period of the Renaissance are everywhere in Italy. In cities, roadwork at times brings to light layers of ancient architecture. Works of art and astounding paintings fill galleries, at times, beyond their capacity.
Switzerland was a major crossroads for cultures and people, who left important testimonies of their presence. Ticino had the most important commercial Roman settlements, which yielded an extraordinary collection of Roman glass, of international importance. Romanic churches with splendid, well-preserved frescoes dot the territory. Historical and artistic sites of great importance are in the French and German regions of Switzerland. Monasteries and abbeys, archaeological sites, imposing castles reflect the Swiss mix of culture and languages.

Cooking Classes

The most effective way to fully absorb the art and passion behind local cuisine, and learn its secrets, is a hands-on experience under the supervision of an expert.
From your hands to your taste buds, you enjoy the entire process of a culinary experience.
We offer cooking classes in Switzerland and Italy.


With the help of a professional chef or a local who has learned the tricks from his or her parents and grandparents, you discover special ingredients and that unique touch needed to make a delicious meal. Getting your hands “dirty”, you will learn delicious recipes for traditional dishes, from a simple pizza to a more complex, multiple-course meal. A cooking class is a wonderful complement to your travels.

Wine & Olive Oil Tasting

Italy is famous for its wonderful wines and extra virgin olive oil. From the northern regions to the southern tip of the peninsula, the choices are infinite.
Switzerland, in the last decades, has reached international recognition as a producer of outstanding wines. Export is not significant, as the production is small.


The entire Italian peninsula is mapped out according to its wines: from Piedmont, Lombardy and Aosta Valley with their Nebbiolo grape, through Tuscany and Umbria with Sangiovese, all the way to Sicily and Sardinia with heavier grapes.
In Switzerland wine making has evolved to a sophisticated level, resulting in exceptional award-winning wines. Merlot, Petit Arvine, Cornalin, Syrah, Diolinoir, Humagne Rouge. Not to mention the historic Heida, a grape grown at high elevation. Ticino, the southernmost region of Switzerland, is renowned for its white Merlot.
Here is where we also find a small production of olive oil, right along the shores of Lake Lugano.
Several Italian regions in Italy produce olive oil: Tuscany, Liguria and Italian Riviera, Puglia, Sicily, Sardinia, just to name a few. Each produces a distinct quality, equally excellent.
An olive oil tasting is an opportunity to learn the tasting technique and detect the differences between one olive oil and another.
Our wine tastings favour the smaller, less renowned producers, whose wines, however, maintain a high level of excellence.

Gastronomy & Local Products

There is no such thing as Italian or Swiss food: each country has a regional cuisine, based on traditions and  products available. In the mountains, cheese, meats, rice, pasta and grains are key ingredients. On the Mediterranean coast, fish and seafood are the main players, along with pasta, of course.


Swiss cuisine is influenced by the roots of each region: French, German and Italian, offering a great variety of dishes.
If you travel through Tuscany, you will have Tuscan food, oriented towards grains and meats.
When on the Italian Riviera, you will enjoy traditional Ligurian meals, based of fish and seafood.
If you visit the French-speaking part of Switzerland, you can dip your bread in cheese fondue.
In Ticino, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, you will savour its renowned cheeses, made during summer in the alpine pastures and other specialties, typical of that region.
When designing a tour, we place great focus on this aspect. We include meals at authentic, traditional restaurants that use prime ingredients from the area, turning a journey for the taste buds into a learning experience.
All that is required is an open mind and the willingness to take your time to savour the meal.

Guided City Tours

Whether you are in a region for just a few days or for an entire week, one or more guided city tours is the best way to optimize your time. Exploring a town or city on your own can be time consuming. In Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Genoa, Naples, Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne, Lugano, Bellinzona, just to name a few, our local tour guides are all professionals.


They become the friend who shows you their town and share anecdotes. Often, they introduce you to places that are precluded to the average tourist. Most of our classic tours include one or more guided city tours as well.

Exploring a town or city on your own can be a lot of fun, but it requires quite a bit of time to read up on the sites, and patience to figure out what to do and see.

Sports & Adrenaline

Are you looking for a challenge or simply something different from the usual vacation? How about a day of mountain biking in beautiful alpine environments. Alternatively, the thrill of a “via ferrata”, a protected climbing route in the Alps. A day of canyoning or rafting. All the activities are suitable for adults and families with children, alike.


We will adjust the degree of difficulty to accommodate the desired level of activity, or your experience.
All activities are conducted by expert and experienced guides or instructors.
Canyoning and “via ferrata” are conducted by licensed alpine guides.

Incentive Ideas
& Team Building

We will organize your corporate or business incentive travel from start to finish, from hotel and conference room reservations to private transfers and special activities. You decide the dates and we take care of the details.


Whether it is a group incentive travel for employees or reward travel for your customers, we will provide a seamless program.
Lake cruises, city tours, wine tours/tasting, a pleasant hike, are just sample ideas of we can offer. An adrenaline-filled activity, such as easy rafting or biking is an optimal way to implement team building amongst colleagues.

Hotel & Spa

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