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Cooking Classes

Local food is always a highlight on anyone’s travel, a big element of the territory we visit, of the local people, of their traditions and culture. How many times do we stop in front of a shop window, be it that of a baker, or butcher, or greengrocer, and driven by curiosity, we wonder what is in front of our eyes? We may have a fabulous meal somewhere and wonder what the ingredients may be, and how we could make it ourselves. The most effective way to find out and to absorb fully the art and passion behind the local cuisine, and to learn its secrets, is a hands-on experience under the supervision of an expert. From your hands to your taste buds, you enjoy the entire process of a culinary experience.

Cooking Classes in Switzerland and Italy

With the help of a professional chef or a local who has learned the tricks from his or her parents and grandparents, you discover special ingredients and that unique touch needed to make a delicious meal. As an active participant, you will master the skills of making artisanal bread or chocolate pralines. You will learn delicious recipes for traditional dishes, from a simple pizza to a more complex, multiple-course meal. A cooking class becomes a wonderful complement to your travels. Naturally, the availability of a cooking class is contingent on the type of tour you choose, and the region you wish to visit.

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