Who We Are

Alps and Beyond is a Tour Operator in Bellinzona, Switzerland, with two decades of experience crafting, organizing and running exclusive and unique tours in Switzerland, Italy and the Alps.

Anna Bezzola, founder and director, and a Swiss national, started the company after working for several years with a leading adventure travel company in the USA. In-depth experience, remarkable knowledge of the territory, passion and love for Nature, art, history, culture, as well as extreme precision, are the driving forces behind each extraordinary itinerary we design. Expertise, focus on details, high standards, superior quality, and personalized service set us apart from other companies.

What We Do

We specialize in private guided tours, for groups, couples, or individual travellers alike. Our website lists our popular itineraries. However, we can customize each one to suit your specific needs. At times, we offer a pre-scheduled, open-group departure for one or more of the tours. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.

If you are travelling alone, or with one other person, and wish to be part of a larger group, or you have a particular destination in mind, contact us, and we will work with you to accommodate your request.

Our goal is to provide a memorable and fun experience, and make sure you return home with long lasting memories.

Why Alps and Beyond

As a small Tour Operator, we manage all logistics and details for each trip, with direct control over the operations, and no intermediaries. Our very competitive prices are the result. With great expertise, we focus on quality and safety, set very high standards, research and test each hotel, restaurant, activity, or service in person. Nothing is left to chance or approximation. We work only with professional local guides.

We give you undivided, personal attention, working closely with you on all the details to create your dream vacation. From first contact to the end of your tour, we are with you, behind the scenes, making sure everything is progressing smoothly and running like Swiss clockwork.

Our Guides

All of our local guides are extraordinary individuals coming from all walks of life. They are professional, with years of guiding experience, curious, multi-lingual, friendly, playful, enthusiastic and passionate. They will not miss an opportunity to introduce you to local people, to interact with them, providing an authentic experience. They will be your teachers and your friends.

City tour guides have years of studies to back up their knowledge of history and art. Walking and hiking guides are well versed on flora and fauna, prioritize safety, and identify dangers and weather patterns. Our alpine guides, in addition, have a specific license and training for more extreme adventures.