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Switzerland, Italy

Guided City Tours

Whether you are in a region for just a few days or for an entire week, one or more guided city tours are a wonderful way to optimize your time. Exploring a town or city on your own can be fun, but it requires time to research and select what to do and see. Reading a guidebook while trying to navigate the complex layouts of Switzerland or Italy’s historical centres, at times, can be a handful. In big cities such as Rome, Geneva, Florence, Zurich, Milan, or smaller towns like Amalfi, Bellinzona, Lugano, Siena, just to name a few, the task can be overwhelming, and sifting through the most important sites quite a challenge.

Expert Local Guides

Relying upon the expertise of a tour guide allows you to just relax, enjoy the storytelling, and be carried away into the world of history, art and culture. All our tour guides are local and very professional. We pick them very carefully, and we choose individuals who are proud of their home territory. We don’t book into an existing tour. We set up your own private experience, with a guide just for you. They become the friend who takes you on a stroll through town, and they will share with you the secrets and anecdotes of the places they love. Quite often, they take you to sites precluded to the average tourist, or not mentioned on guide books. You will know their favourite spots, and you may even meet their local friends or family.

Customize Your Own City Tour

A guided city tour may be a welcome break during a week of hiking. Or, a one-week tour of Italian art cities is what you are looking for. It is your choice, and we are here to work with you on your ideal itinerary.

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