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Switzerland, Italy


Walking & Hiking

These are the essentials of slow travel, our underlying philosophy. It implies one’s willingness to enjoy the journey with no rush, to stop and look, to let natural beauty permeate the senses. We favour trails off the main tourist map, but we also include popular routes, if their highlights are not-to-be-missed.

Beautiful Landscapes

We walk on hilly terrain, amongst vineyard, into remote valleys and through enchanting villages, and along the Mediterranean coastline. Our hikes take us further into the mountains, skirting marvellous alpine lakes, along clear rivers, across summer pastures ablaze with wildflowers, surrounded all along by panoramas of splendid mountains and swooping glaciers.

Customizable Intensity

Depending on the destination, the terrain, and length and difficulty of the hikes vary greatly. However, we debunk the myth that journeying in the Alps must be necessarily a strenuous experience. This hikers’ paradise offers options for every level of fitness. We can adjust any of the walks or hikes you see on our sample itineraries to suit your needs, and those of your family and friends. Maintaining a constant flow of communication with you while we design your vacation, we make sure you are comfortable with all the activities. During the tour, your guide will make additional changes, if necessary.

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Walking & Hiking

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