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Switzerland, Italy


Culture & Traditions

When visiting a foreign country, understanding the local people, their way of life, their customs and even their idiosyncrasies is an integral part of the journey. It means learning about the culture and traditions of those self-same people. All of our tours incorporate this important aspect in some form or another.

People and Traditions

We visit artisans and sculptors in the Aosta Valley, or ceramic artists in Southern Italy. In Switzerland, we witness the art of making cheese in an artisanal way, and learn the skilled precision behind watch making. Creative women have brought back the ancient art of weaving straw into fun and elegant accessories, and wool spinning and dyeing. Working stone mills welcome us to the century-old tradition of making corn meal and chestnut flour.

Markets and Festivals

Very often, spending time chatting with local people in remote villages, and listening to their stories is the most valuable learning experience. Traditional markets with local produce and artifacts introduce us to the world of typical local gastronomy. Grape harvest and cheese festivals are special occasions to celebrate the yearly bounty of wine and new cheese from the summer grazing pastures. These are all wonderful opportunities to get to know the places we visit, their people and their way of life, founded on long-standing traditions.

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