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Italy is famous for stealing the scene when it comes to history, art, and architecture. Historic, artistic and archaeological testimonies tell a complex story, from ancient to modern times. Switzerland, however, comes as a real surprise. Most people visiting it think the country is just about mountains, milk, chocolate, and cheese and they come to enjoy the sublime beauty of the high, snow-capped peaks of the Alps. Important historical, archaeological and artistic sites fall off the tourist radar.

History and Culture in Italy

Italy’s patrimony offers archaeological sites spanning from Greek times to the Roman. Superb artwork and sculptures, testimonies of the exuberant period of the Renaissance fill galleries, palaces and religious sites beyond their capacity, at times. In cities, roadwork at times brings to light layers of ancient architecture. Archaeological sites allow us to admire ancient Greek temples and extensive Roman cities.

Switzerland: not Just Mountains and Nature

Switzerland, situated in the heart of Europe was a major crossroads for cultures and people, who left important testimonies of their presence. Ticino, the Italian-speaking region, had the most important commercial Roman settlements, which yielded an extraordinary collection of Roman glass, of international importance. Romanic churches with splendid, well-preserved frescoes dot the entire territory. Avenches was the capital of Roman Helvetia with a population 20.000, and it has left important archaeological remains. This tiny country has 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites, spanning from pile dwelling to modern architecture and natural wonders.

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