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Switzerland, Italy


Gastronomy and Local Products

Each country, and each region within the country, has typical local dishes and special products. There is no such a thing as Italian food or Swiss cheese. Italy encompasses 20 regions and Switzerland 26 cantons (states). Each region and canton have their own unique cuisine.

Italian Cusine

While in Italy, if you visit an area close to the Alps, or inland, you will find a heartier cuisine, where meat and pasta are predominant. Along the Mediterranean coast, on the other hand, there is an abundance of fresh fish. Meals tend to be lighter due to the warmer temperatures. Some regions are famous for their olive oil, others for the wine, cheese or meat products. Even pasta will be cooked differently, based on the region and its climate.

Swiss Cusine

Switzerland is a medley of flavours and culinary delights. Its cuisine is dictated by the strong influence of the neighbouring countries. In Ticino, bordering with Italy, you will enjoy pastas, risotto, delicious stews, and many more recipes shared by the two countries. In the western regions, rules the French touch. The rest of the country reflects the German influence. Throughout the country, freshly caught lake or river fish is served in many different ways.

Typical Local Cheese

And, let’s talk about cheese. Pecorino, mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan, just to name a few, each have their own place on the Italian map. Switzerland is dotted with summer grazing pastures, where cows eat the best grass and flowers. Emmental, gruyère, vacherin, piora, are few of the infinite delicious result.

Food and Culture

The delicious typical, local cuisine and the extraordinary local products have an important place in all of our tours. We consider them essential in the discovery of the culture of each region we visit.

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