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Puglia, Italy

Puglia – Mystical Land

Textures, colours, light, nature, traditions and ancient history are just a few of the characteristics that define Puglia. Strategically located in the heart of the Mediterranean, for time immemorial the region has been a magnetic pull for different populations.

A Landscape Rich in History

From Sunnis and Messapii to Greeks and Romans, from Byzantines and Swabians to French and Spanish, the conquest of this strategic territory for commercial purposes was endless. Puglia conveys a great sense of openness to the visitor, with its expanses of olive trees, the mesmerizing landscape of its highlands and the dazzling brightness of the light.

A Monument to Our Past

The region boasts 300 days of sunshine per year and an extensive, varied coastline. Exquisite churches, Norman Cathedrals and castles built by the Swabian emperor Frederick II, stand in testimony of the most flourishing period of the middle Ages. Furthermore, extraordinary archaeological sites, little visited by the average tourist, and Dolmens and Menhirs are scattered everywhere in the countryside.

Taste Both Local History and Cuisine

Important testimonies to thousands of years of history and rich culture. People welcome you with their warm hospitality. Additionally, the simple and authentic local cuisine, and the exceptional wines complete the characteristics of a splendid Italian region. Our custom, guided tour is a mixture of easy walking and hiking, and superb cultural and historical experiences.

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