June – October

8 days (customizable)

Aosta Valley, Italy

Hiking in the Aosta Valley

Discover the Aosta Valley, the smallest region in Italy, and find out why the first Italian national park is named “Paradise”. Easy walking and moderate hiking escapades, fascinating history, imposing castles, extraordinay culture, wine tasting, gastronomy. Deep-rooted traditions and skilled artisans.

Exceptional Ancient Roman Monuments

Tucked away in the northwestern corner of Italy, and at the border with France and Switzerland, the Aosta Valley was a strategic location during the Roman conquest of Gaul (today’s France), in the first century B.C. In fact, many exceptional and unique Roman monuments can still be admired in the area.

The Highest Mountains in Italy

The region is almost entirely mountainous, and can proudly boast to be the home to four of the highest peaks in Italy and in Western Europe: Mont Blanc (4810 mt/15780 ft), Monte Rosa (4634 mt/15203 ft), Matterhorn (4478 mt/14691 ft) and Gran Paradiso (4061 mt/13324 ft). Needless to say, the views of these iconic giants, as well as of the Italian and Swiss Alps, are simply magnificent. Remote valleys hide unique cultures, fascinating traditions, and splendid scenery.

The First Italian National Park

One of the autonomous regions of Italy, the Aosta Valley is where a 1948 statute established parity between the Italian and the French languages. We will explore Gran Paradiso, not only the name of the highest peak entirely in Italian territory, but also the first Italian National Park, whose history is indissolubly linked to the protection of the ibex population. Walking and hiking along comfortable trails and paths, we will be immersed in splendid natural settings dotted by exquisite hamlets and villages displaying characteristic architecture. We will discover why the park was rightfully called “Great Paradise”.

Local Culture and Cuisine

We will admire the extraordinary craftsmanship of the innumerable local artisan and sculptors; we will learn about the extremely rich history, the unique local customs and traditions; we will enjoy the typical gastronomy of the region, savour Fontina, the famous local cheese, and have the opportunity to taste some of the extraordinary wine produced in the area.

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