June – September

8 days

Swiss Alps

Eiger to Matterhorn Tour

The two greatest icons of any hiking tour in Switzerland are certainly the Eiger and the Matterhorn, in the Bernese Oberland and Zermatt regions, two of the most spectacular areas in the Alps. Mountain ranges with glaciated peaks surpassing 4000 m/13150 ft. in height frame lush valleys filled with alpine flowers and emerald blue lakes.

A Splendid Natural Environment

With a local expert guide, we venture into a true alpine environment, and offers a close encounter with the north face of some of the most notorious mountains in the Alps, justly referred to as “the walls of heaven” by traveller and mountaineer Sir Martin Conway. We journey across the heart of the Swiss Alps/Jungfrau-Aletsch region, a UNESCO World Heritage property, which provides an outstanding example of the formation of the High Alps, and includes the largest glacier in Eurasia. Diverse ecosystems provide a wealth of information about mountains and glaciers, as well as climate change. Its impressive landscape has also played an important role in European art, literature, mountaineering and alpine tourism.

Exploring the Zermatt Valley

The Zermatt valley, with its superb cirque of spectacular glaciers, and the unique and impressive shape of the Matterhorn, have beckoned visitors and climbers since the middle of the 19th century. Our Swiss hiking tour is a celebration of these two famous mountains and their satellites, such as the Mönch, Jungfrau, and Monte Rosa massif. The length of the hikes can be shortened to suit specific needs.

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