Middle Ages & Breweries

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the enthralling atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Fast forward to the present time and enjoy a tasting of different beers, produced by a local microbrewery.

A visit to Bellinzona, the capital of Ticino, Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, is a true journey in history and an exploration of an extraordinary historical centre, which still reflects its medieval origins. Three imposing castles, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, represent the only example of military defensive architecture from the medieval times still existing in the Alps, of unique dimensions.

The guided sightseeing tour, in the company of a professional guide, starts with a visit of the most imposing of the three Bellinzona castles, Castelgrande, and its famous ramparts, a feat of engineering and architecture, which once used to close off the valley completely. We visit the archaeological museum and, if we wish, climb to the top of one of the towers of the defensive structure. From Castelgrande, you can also admire the two other castles, on the hills across the historical centre.

In the historical centre, we stop at a pastry shop and taste the famous “bissolo”, a praline filled with chestnut paste typical of the town of Bellinzona. Your guide will share with you the interesting story of this famous chocolate. We take a break to have a coffee or a tea. The tour continues exploring the historical centre, with its details dating back to the 15th century, and the most important monuments. The exquisite municipal building, with its medieval and renaissance facades; the theatre, a jewel of the neoclassic period and the only Italian-style theatre in Switzerland; the Collegiata, the largest church in Ticino and an eclectic explosion of styles.

The tour concludes at a charming beer house, where you have the opportunity to taste a few beers, produced at a local microbrewery. Naturally, amongst them, you will taste the “Belli”, the beer dedicated to the town of Bellinzona. A platter of local cheeses, accompanies the beer tasting, each cheese specifically selected to harmoniously balance the beer. There is the option to stay on for lunch and taste a delicious cuisine.

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