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One of the greatest ways to understand a different culture is through a hands-on experience with local cuisine and, of course, through our taste buds.

In the company of a local guide and the chef who will share with us the culinary secrets of the cuisine of Ticino, we visit Bellinzona’s famous Saturday market. Our chef will decide on the menu and, meandering through the colourful stalls, together we will have fun shopping for all the ingredients. Flour, cheese, sausage, fresh vegetables, eggs, or anything else the meal may require, directly from the farmers. Everything will be rigorously local. In the event that our visit falls during the week, our guide and our chef will take us directly to the producers in the outskirts of Bellinzona.

From the farms, the ingredients will make their way directly to the table. The chef will have thought out everything very carefully, to make sure that all flavours and elements blend harmoniously with each other.

We transfer by private vehicle to the location of the cooking class and we roll up our sleeves, as this is a participatory experience. After a late morning snack to hold our appetites until our lunch is ready, it is time to get to work and start preparing the seven-course meal. Starting with the appetizers and working on a pasta dish, we arrive at dessert. Naturally, we accompany our efforts with an aperitif: a glass of the famous white Merlot wine.

We finally enjoy a sit-down meal in the company of our fellow cooks, the chef and our guide. A nice bottle of local red wine, maybe a Merlot or a Bondola, an autochthone and interesting grape from the area, will crown our experience.

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