All of our walking, hiking, trekking tours in Italy, Switzerland and the Alps enjoy a splendid naturalistic aspect. The majority of our tours incorporate an extraordinary historical and cultural element. Several include gastronomy and wine tasting. Others focus on artisans, artists and other traditional characteristics. We have specific trips for families, and select hotels offer a wellness centre where one can relax and get a massage upon return from a day of hiking.

Each icon listed below represents one or more specific ativities reflected in our programs, and will help you select the right trip for you.

For information on the difficulty level for any given trip, visit our [Trip Rating] section.


Walking | Hiking | Trekking
walking and hiking tours
Walking tours are easy, on comfortable terrain such as gravel or paved service roads, perfect for every age and  fitness level. Hiking tours consist of day outings on well maintained trails, with a hotel as a base for a few consecutive days. They range from easy to moderate and strenuous. Trekking trips involve a journey from one point to another, over mountain passes, on challenging trails, and require a change of accommodations each night. They are generally strenuous.

nature scenery floraMountains, hills, forests, rivers, waterfalls and splendid panoramas are an integral part of every trip. The Alps with their perennial snows and glaciers! The many colourful carpets of wildflowers, blooming in perfect sync through summer. Or the vibrant tints of red and golds in autumn. The elusive appearance of a chamoix or a deer, or the fearless presence of ibexes. Badgers, foxes, stone martors, eagles and hawks. Nature never ceases to be a wonderful playground for all who appreciate it.

History | Culture
History and cultural tours
Tours designed to highlight and help you appreciate the rich history and culture of the places we visit. We explore castles and walk through charming, medieval hamlets. UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Sites. We interact with the local people and learn about their deep-rooted customs. We participate to traditional fairs and celebrations. We hike in regions that bore witness to special historical events, and visit unique, exceptional museums. All the elements are harmoniously blended within the tour.

Gastronomy | Wine
food and wine toursEnjoy authentic meals in traditional restaurants, frequented by the local people. Learn the secrets behind a tasty dish through a fun cooking class. Whether in Italy or Switzerland, we want you to have a culinary experience that reflects the specialties of the regions we visit. We introduce you to the special wines of a specific area. We visit unique wine cellars at the end of our day’s activities and enjoy a wine tasting. Or we may have a light lunch at a wine producer’s, accompanied by his/her renowned wines.

Traditions | Art | Artisans
Tradition Art ArtisansMany of our destination are exceptionally rich in traditions, art, and artisanal characteristics that reflect an authentic, current way of life. Fairs and special events are wonderful opportunities to enjoy the local flavor, to witness the true soul of a specific place. We visit artisanal shops and learn about deep-rooted craftmanship. We meet local artists, admire extraordinary wooden scultures and paintings, artistic ceramic, exquisite weavings, delicate alabaster work, and hand-made objects for every day life.

Family Activities
family toursSpending quality time with our chidren is very important. At times, we want to include other members of the family, such as grandparents. Although kids in this case are the priority, we design our family tours keeping all participants in mind. Whether hiking with mules, learning how to make cheese in the Alps, looking for fossils or engaging in other fun activities, entertainment is guaranteed, for children and adults alike. We find the ideal hotels, where children can have their own space to play.

wellnessWell-being, pampering, rest and relaxation. They are important aspects of a vacation. Our upscale hotels offer wonderful modern facilities with indoor or/and outdoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna, hammam, steam bath, salt room, chromo therapy, an and array of massages to choose from. In addition, a few hotels have a thermal, curative section, with sulphuric waters. Some of the hotels require a reservation, to make sure you enjoy the spa in total comfort and privacy.












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