Forbes Magazine rates Emilia Romagna “Italy’s Greatest Gastronomic Treasure”

Forbes Magazine’s article is a true hymn to the gastronomic quality of Emilia Romagna, a unique Italian region, too often overlooked. From its first few lines, it picks up momentum, pointing out all the delicious, mouth-watering, typical dishes of this extraordinary region. From Parma prosciutto and Parmesan cheese to tortellini and ravioli; from Balsamic vinegar and Lambrusco wine to an array of desserts that are simply “to-die-for”. With all these options at hand, one has the difficulty of the choice.

However, there is more to Emilia Romagna than just wonderful cuisine. This bucolic region, which still holds on to strong pastoral and farming traditions, is rich in art, history, and an exquisite landscape that does not hold back on panoramas. Its people are friendly, gentle, courteous, welcoming, and accommodating.

Infinite are the walking and hiking possibilities amongst vineyards, magical woods, past secluded hamlets and religious sites.

Joining our exclusive Emilia Romagna  hiking & gastronomy tour, and discover a unique region, still removed from mass tourism, and all its extraordinary characteristics.

Read Forbes Magazine’s article.