Visit EXPO Milan 2015, Italian Lakes, Piedmont and Switzerland

EXPO Milano 2015 is fast approaching. At Alps and Beyond, we are ready to welcome its visitors and to introduce them to the regions of Lombardy and Piedmont through one of our unique tours.

The Universal Exposition will focus on sustainability, food, and nutrition, and Italy is the perfect place to host this extraordinary event. A country with rich and unmatched gastronomic history and traditions, and with a strong, worldwide reputation.

This is the perfect time to Explore the spectacular places just a stone-throw away from Milan. In fact, the Italian Lakes, with their beauty and romantic environments, are a stone-throw away; Piemonte (a.k.a. Piedmont), Italy’s wine country and, very appropriately, home to the Slowfood movement is a mandatory stop for foodies and wine lovers; Valle d’Aosta, the smallest region in Italy, and producer of the famous Fontina cheese is a paradise for those seeking an active get-away.

Switzerland’s Italian-speaking region, Ticino, a spectacular regions, has it all: the Alps, gastronomy, wine, history, culture and traditions, and two extraordinary UNESCO sites: Bellinzona and Monte San Giorgio.
In just two simple words: COME VISIT!!

New Hiking Tours in Italy for 2014

. The first of our two extraordinary hiking tours in Italy takes you into a lesser-known area of a fantastic region where mountains, secluded sanctuaries, geology and exquisite hamlets blend into a harmonious picture. A real Mecca for walkers, hikers, and nature lovers alike. A concentration of fabulous food and renowned wines. A precious shrine of spirituality, culture and history. This is our  tour, biefly.
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HIKING IN EMILIA ROMAGNA. Join an exclusive tour and a true culinary delight. Walking and hiking forays take us on a discovery of a unique region of Italy, still removed from the mainstream tourist map. Let you taste buds party on the flavour of real Parmesan cheese and the best traditional Balsamic Vinegar. Visit the extraordinary town of Bologna, seat of the oldest western university, and home to freshly-made “tortellini” pasta.
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