In keeping with [OUR STYLE] and belief system, even when it comes to gastronomy and wine we look for authenticity.


Our picnic lunches consist of a wonderful spread of local meats and cheeses, accompanied by delicious chutneys, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, at least one fresh vegetable and some fruit. Of course we have freshly-baked bread. Picninc items will vary based on the specialties of each area we visit.

For sit-down lunches and dinners, we opt for restaurants whose menus reflect and respect the local, regional cuisine, even if revisited, at times, and that are committed to sustainable farming and agriculture. Menus change regularly, based on what is seasonal, and the majority of the raw materials such as produce and meats, generally come from local farms.

5x5_grey_bullet Osteria Typically, an “osteria” is a locale that only serves wine and a few snacks in a simple, rustic environment. Nowadays, however, some osterias have assumed a different connotation. They have undergone a complete renovation and converted into excellent restaurants, varying from simple to sophisticated, whose menus offer a good selection of dishes. We generally patronize a simple osteria at lunch.

5x5_grey_bullet Trattoria A typically Italian, family-run restaurant. The service is “alla buona”, meaning friendly but unpretentious, and the interiors are usually simple. However, the quantity and quality of the food is of a high level. Menus are not extensive or sophisticated, but offer the characteristic dishes that locals would eat at home. A trattoria is the perfect place for a light lunch or a simple dinner.

5x5_grey_bullet Restaurant The restaurants we patronize range from simple to sophisticated. Their cuisine is elegant but, at the same time, authentic and traditional. Most of them are family-run. Although very much in vogue nowadays, we patronize star-Michelin restaurants only when they are part of the hotel where we overnight, or when we are certain that the meal will reflect the local cuisine.



For our wine tastings, we favor small wine producers, farmers and cooperatives, in order to introduce you to wines that have not reache international recognition yet, but that are qualitatively excellent. Their wine is produced exclusively with their own grapes, and often they include outoctone grapes.

The restaurants we patronize have extensive lists of regional wines.


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