THE FOUNDERHiking tours in Switzerland and Italy

Anna Bezzola, founder and director of Alps and Beyond, shared her time growing up between Italy, where she was born, and Switzerland, where her roots are. Naturally, her playground, from the moment she started to walk, were the Alps. With her father as a mentor, she spent her summers exploring and getting to know the territory. Her love for travel emerged very early in life, with regular escapades throughout Europe.

It was not long, though, before she moved to the United States, where she worked for many years with one of the leading adventure travel companies in the country, guiding and learning the tools of the trade necessary to start her own company in Switzerland, where she returned in 2002. She has organized and guided walking and hiking tours for the last eighteen years.

Anna is multilingual, has a keen sense of curiosity, and loves to study the history, culture and traditions of the most disparate places. She regularly guides most of Alps and Beyonds’ hiking tours in Switzerland and Italy. She is an official guide for the [Castles of Bellinzona] and the paleontological site of [Monte San Giorgio], two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ticino, the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. She is a member of Associazione Guide Svizzere Italiane (Swiss-Italian Guide Association), in Ticino.

Amongst other places, her travels have taken her to Patagonia, Uruguay, Thailand, Bhutan, Alaska, the Arctic and the Antarctic. She currently lives in Bellinzona, Ticino, where she works with several schools, taking kids on hiking excursions, and where she runs her business with dedication.



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